The Church is Not the People

I can’t help but point you to this delightful article by my friend David Ketter. Yup. You read that right. Let me write it one more time. The Church is not the people. Now, before all the torches, stakes, and lions are let loose, let’s have a little talk about this. After all, one of the most important things to … Read More

Prayer for Steve Saint

The son of Nate Saint was involved in an accident that has left him partially paralyzed. Steve Saint, whose company, I-Tec, develops products for use in indigenous missionary work, was seriously injured during a Tuesday morning aerodynamic test of an aluminum wing. Saint, 61, was conducting the test of the wing at the Dunnellon-based company when it came off the … Read More

Challies’ Disagrees with Piper about Christianity’s “Masculine Feel”

Fascinating, and I think helpful, additions to the discussion from Tim Challies. Challies writes: John Piper sparked quite a storm with his biographical message on the “frank and manly” J. C. Ryle. One of his conclusion was that Christianity is meant to have a masculine feel to it… I find that I do not agree. For those of you who are … Read More

Our “Sweet” Life

My wife has been doing an incredible job making our living space a beautiful, relaxing and wonderful place for us and for entertaining guests. I love living there. She has a blog that is semi-regularly updated with fun photos from our life that you might enjoy reading.

Revolution in Physical Mail: Outbox

Friend Evan Baehr is developing an incredible product that I just can’t be any more excited about. I constantly find myself hating dealing with my physical mail and ready to fully organize and digitize my life. My productivity, I believe, will be greatly improved by this new product: With as much time as we spend emailing people, it can be easy to forget … Read More