Challies’ Disagrees with Piper about Christianity’s “Masculine Feel”

Fascinating, and I think helpful, additions to the discussion from Tim Challies. Challies writes:

John Piper sparked quite a storm with his biographical message on the “frank and manly” J. C. Ryle. One of his conclusion was that Christianity is meant to have a masculine feel to it… I find that I do not agree. For those of you who are given to over-reaction, just breathe—I am allowed to disagree and I’m sure Piper is just fine with people disagreeing. If you don’t have a category for charitable disagreement on secondary matters, you need to develop one! I still love the man, but want to offer an alternative to his masculine Christianity.

Read the rest here. (HT: Denny Burk)

This also reminded me of the opposing view and conversation led my one of my favorite writers Douglas Wilson.

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