My Favorite iPhone Apps and Why I Use Them

I recently started using the iPhone and thought you might like to know what apps I’m currently using and why I’m using them. Twitter – I use Twitter. Therefore I use this app. Desiring God – Intuitive design for accessing John Piper resources. Fighter Verse – Incredible Bible memorization tool. ESV Study Bible – my go-to app for Bible study. … Read More

Total Truth vs. Real Citizenship?

This is a repost from February 13, 2006. This article is referenced in the book Saving Leonardo by the excellent author and professor Nancy Pearcey. I wrote this as a young 16-year-old wrestling with how to best impact culture.  For a first article on Total Truth you may be surprised at what you find here. I’m not only going to talk about … Read More

Christian Values Are the Problem

From Dr. Albert Mohler:  A recent letter to columnist Carolyn Hax of The Washington Post seemed straightforward enough. “I am a stay-at-home mother of four who has tried to raise my family under the same strong Christian values that I grew up with,” the woman writes. “Therefore I was shocked when my oldest daughter, ‘Emily,’ suddenly announced she had ‘given up believing … Read More

Complementarianism For Dummies

I was excited and blessed to read Mary Kassian’s excellent treatment of complementarianism today on The Gospel Coalition: A little while ago a reporter asked me to define “complementarianism.” She didn’t know what it meant. And that’s not entirely surprising. The word “complementarity” doesn’t appear in the Bible, but is used by people to summarize a biblical concept. It’s like … Read More