My Favorite iPhone Apps and Why I Use Them

I recently started using the iPhone and thought you might like to know what apps I’m currently using and why I’m using them.

Twitter – I use Twitter. Therefore I use this app.

Desiring God – Intuitive design for accessing John Piper resources.

Fighter Verse – Incredible Bible memorization tool.

ESV Study Bible – my go-to app for Bible study. I believe my friends over at ChurchApp had a hand in this.

PocketSword – Add on for the Fighter Verse app to access some commentary.

Kindle – Constantly using this to read all of my books.

Agenda – a simple solution for Calendar use. The pre-populated emails and messages are a huge plus. Fantastic app that I’ve become a missionary for.

Instagram – fun photography social media.

Over – Text over photos. I endorse it here.

Shazam – I like music and sometimes I want to figure out what the song is.

Evernote – I’m a premium user. I could write a whole blog post on why this tool is worth your time to download. It’s free to start.

Base – A new CRM tool I’m using for some freelance sales I’m doing.

E Startups – I love reading about startups and best practices.

FoxNews – My news source.

eBay – This has been a key tool in winning bids because it updates me when I’m 50 cents away from winning.

MapQuest – I love the spoken turn-by-turn navigation.

PivotalTracker – I use this for work. Enough said.

Zite – Personalized magazine. Probably getting rid of this in the near future because it’s not getting a lot of use. I used to like to read daily stuff through this.

Saga/Chronos – creepily tracks my life so I can look at where I’m spending all my time.

UrbanSpoon – good food reviews as I attempt to be a foodie.

Starbucks – so I can become a Gold Card member and finally get free refills. Recently had some issues with it.

Book Crawler – incredible tool for organizing my library. Scan the barcodes and I’ll never buy a duplicate book again.

Pages – Essential to every writer. A bit pricy.

MyFitnessPal – using this to get fit.

RunKeeper – using this to track my runs around town.

Games – there are quite a few games I play. Currently rocking Words with Friends consistently.

Flashlight – for those emergency purposes.

OnSong 1.95 – a great tool for worship leaders.

ScoreCenter – essential during the NFL season

ESPN Radio – the Redskins aren’t always playing on local TV.

Redbox – my wife and I are regular movie watchers.

Kids-in-mind – We want to be careful of what we watch, so we check it first.

ABC Player – for the times when I want to watch Shark Tank.

Stamped – a new app I’m trying out that is supposed to let me “like” all kinds of things.

Glympse – another new app that will send directions to where you are currently at if you want to bring friends together for a meeting.

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