I’m Thankful For the Electoral College

I may regret posting this tomorrow morning, but here are some wise words from Kevin DeYoung:

I’m thankful for the Electoral College. You may not agree, especially if you live in Texas or California or Alabama or Vermont. There’s no “Christian position” on the Electoral College. But I’m grateful that our presidents have to go to every little hamlet in Ohio and Iowa. I’m glad that the election does not come down to voter turnout in the same megacities every four years. I’m glad that because of our confusing process, the most powerful man in the world has to make inroads with people from all over the country. He can’t simply be a regional candidate who promises the Northeast lots of goodies at the expense of the South. He can’t win the White House by racking up 80% of the vote in a handful of states. The President has to be attuned to the needs and desires of the most politically diverse places, not the most politically homogenous. This seems like a good thing to me.

The City: Exquisite Christian Writing

Grab a cup of fresh coffee, a pen, and turn your mind on.

As some of your may know I am a faithful reader of Houston Baptist University’s (free) publication, The City. If you are currently not subscribed to this venerable journal, you are missing out on reading some of the finest minds and finest writing in Christendom. I have recently attempted to scream from the rooftops the overwhelming joy I’ve received from reading it (beginning with the insightful interview with Mary Eberstadt).

The most recent issue discusses Ross Douthat’s important book Bad Religion. Perhaps not surprisingly, I was greatly helped by my friend Owen Strachan‘s fantastic contribution this Fall. You can read his article below.

I’m still making my way through the journal, but if you have a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon that needs to be filled, this will benefit both your mind and soul.