Keys to Joy at Christmas

(Originally Posted 2007) Joy to the world, the Lord has come! Let earth receive her king! It’s a beautiful phrase that proclaims why we must rejoice this holiday season. Yet during the Christmas season, the biggest struggle for me — and possibly for many others– is the struggle for joy. It’s funny that joy would be something hard to maintain … Read More

Tragedy in Newtown: We Cry With Hope

As we wake up this Monday morning, we begin a week where parents will begin burying their six and seven year olds. This should not be so. It is, I think, a grave strike in the face of all that is right and true. The serpent has struck at the innocent. I for one wake this Monday morning and must … Read More

Latest Article: No Little Cross

My latest article is on The Veritas Network this morning. My eyes were burning as the salty sweat dripped off my forehead. I took a bite of my chewy energy bar, then crumpled and stuffed the aluminum packaging deep into my backpack. I rummaged around for my water bottle, my arm brushing against the harsh canvas. Finally my fingers touched … Read More

All Together Now: A Reformed Baptist and Pentecostal Anglican Talk Church Unity

by Tim Sweetman & David Ketter Note from Tim: Dear readers and friends. Do not be alarmed. I hope, in the following few hundred words, to maintain my standing as completely orthodox, as thoroughly baptist, and totally biblical. My dear friend David Ketter and I began a lively conversation that sparked this collaboration effort, and I am pleased with the … Read More