Reformational Manhood: A Book Review

On my shelf at home is a big blue book filled with letters. When I turned thirteen, my Dad enlisted all of the influential men in my life at that time to write me letters as I entered “mahood.” He put them all in this wonderful blue book. His letter along with all of those men’s words of wisdom and … Read More

A Productive 2013

One of the beauties of technology is the ability to have a vast amount of tools that equip us to be productive. I believe God is greatly honored as we work, and we should be pursuing excellence in everything, including the way we use technology. has provided an excellent list of productivity tools including Flow and Smartr. Go ahead and … Read More

What Are Men to Rocks and Mountains

Hannah Farver has published an excellent piece dealing with that feeling we’ve all had: incredible smallness. I’ve never looked at Facebook before and felt small. Bored, annoyed, intrigued—yes. Never small. But as a couple hundred diverse lives updated their statuses on my feed, I suddenly felt, working from my couch, that my life was very unimportant. Businessmen in Korea are … Read More

Top Posts of 2012

It’s always good to look back on 2012. There are great gains to be had and exciting things ahead for 2013. Here were my top five blog posts from 2012. Apparently we’re all into reading, iPhones, and gender roles. Don’t worry, we won’t stop talking about those things in the coming year. 1. Essential Books for High School Seniors Absolutely one … Read More

Rebelutionaries Never Get Too Old

My good friends Alex and Brett Harris have asked the question, “What lies ahead for the Rebelution?” It’s a question that I know they have continued to wrestle with for the past few years as seasons change dramatically from the days of 2006 and 2007. It’s not always easy to answer. It’s fascinating to look back on this previous year and to … Read More