One response to “God Made a Farmer”

  1. Charlie McRorie says:


    I grew up in Maryland and knew your grandparents well. I really admired Rev. Richard Sweetman and his wife, Vickie, along with their three children.

    I know that Rev. Sweetman passed away several years ago in Georgia, but I wonder about the rest of the family. You are obviously the son of Rev. Sweetman’s son, Richard.

    I read an article from Georgia featuring your grandmother, Vickie, a few years ago. Is she still alive? If so, where is she living?

    From what I can tell, your aunt Marilyn is still very active, but her husband, Bob Brennan, has died. What is Marilyn doing now? Is she still living near Jonesboro, GA?

    I haven’t heard anything in years about your aunt Vickie. How is she getting along? Where is she living and what is she doing?

    Thank you in advance for filling me in on your family.


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