No Little People

If there is one thing that I have learned during my time in the Rebelution “movement,” it’s the lure of seeing the phrase “do hard things” turn into “do BIG things” in a split second. Others have written about it, and I have written about it for some time now on this blog, Boundless, and the old Regenerated Magazine. It is incredibly easy to think that what really matters is the stage, the lights, the article, the conference, or the story in the local paper.

I would argue that it is faithfulness that is the ultimate hard thing. You can put together something that is a huge flash, but without faithfulness it fizzles away, forgotten. The Lord is looking for rebelutionaries who are willing to go day after day faithfully serving him wherever they find themselves. He’s ready to use those “little” people who right now might feel incredibly insignificant.

This year I plan on releasing a free (and short) e-book that addresses this topic of faithfulness, feeling small and insignificant, and how God does great things through faithful “small” people.

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