Web Editing

I’m specifically talking to you Jake, but if anyone else wants to comment, feel free to do so.
Okay, here are my questions:
1. I know you can edit the template on your blog, but how would I keep the “blog format” (I’ll explain more if you need me to), and make my own design. I want to be able to still post, etc.
2. I noticed you had certain posts that had scripture. They were different from the regular posts with the line down the left side? I think I know how to do that, but would you give me the code to put in the post…Thanks!
I’m going to get some books at the library on CSS on monday hopefully, so I’ll be able to do some changes soon.
Well, hope to talk to you soon. I’ll be reading your posts…
In Christ,

Saturday Notes

Wow! What a day! I got up today at six for a my soccer game (which started at 7:55,…AM!) Well, my sacrifice of sleeping in paid off. After an embarrising goal made by the other team early in the first half(their center midfielder lofted it right over top of our goalie, I scored to tie the game at 1-1, by tapping in a beatiful pass made by the left midfielder. Then in the second half, we got ahead by one with my nice shot into the left lower corner (compliments of another great set of passes). This made the game 2-1, with about 25 minutes left. Then, the other team scored to tie it up with an almost identical shot as their first goal. We rallied and got a nice far-back shot wich bounced off the keeper and into the goal, making it 3-2, and I got an assist when I need it right into the goalkeeper, the ball bounced off of his hands, and my right wing scored to put us ahead by two. –All in all a great day, except I’m on pain killers because of an injury I got in practice that just started to bother me.


Welcome ladies and gentlemen! Have LOTS of fun reading these posts! Feel free to comment on any log entry (except this one! Just kidding!).