Why You Should Become a Regular


Hey Tim, haven’t seen you in forever!” I had finally done it. I was a regular once again. It wasn’t an accident at all. I had stumbled across a number of articles online that encouraged the practice of becoming a regular when you move to a new town, and I loved the idea of getting to know my local baristas. There are … Read More

Catch Someone Doing Something Right


I was recently listening to a group of young leaders talk about their organization. I was almost brought to tears listening to them talk about some of their experiences and what they would change as they thought about becoming leaders. “I actually thought everyone hated me until I was approached about being promoted,” said one leader. “It was really crazy.” He … Read More

Manliness in Marriage: The How-to Guide


No one will mistake me for the classic manly man — I currently have no beard, I’ve never really hunted or killed anything (on purpose at least), and I’m only a fan in theory of camping. When I was a single guy, I knew that one day I’d need some “manly” skills — and not necessarily the gun-toting, camo-wearing kind. … Read More

Latest Article: No Little Cross

My latest article is on The Veritas Network this morning. My eyes were burning as the salty sweat dripped off my forehead. I took a bite of my chewy energy bar, then crumpled and stuffed the aluminum packaging deep into my backpack. I rummaged around for my water bottle, my arm brushing against the harsh canvas. Finally my fingers touched … Read More

All Together Now: A Reformed Baptist and Pentecostal Anglican Talk Church Unity

by Tim Sweetman & David Ketter Note from Tim: Dear readers and friends. Do not be alarmed. I hope, in the following few hundred words, to maintain my standing as completely orthodox, as thoroughly baptist, and totally biblical. My dear friend David Ketter and I began a lively conversation that sparked this collaboration effort, and I am pleased with the … Read More

Latest Article: Cigarette Smoke Evangelism

My latest article is now featured at The Veritas Network: “You are either a missionary or an imposter” – Charles Spurgeon I most distinctly remember the smell of cigarettes. I smelled it on the older man I met in the nursing home. A whiff from the neighbor lady who yelled a lot. That section of the restaurant we avoided. And … Read More

New Article: Faithful to the End

My latest article from Boundless is now online: Sitting across the table from my 96-year-old great-grandmother is always a joy. It doesn’t take long to realize she was once a fiery redhead, even beneath the faded beauty. She smiles wide when I tell her that I’ve decided to be a pastor. I smile back. See, my great-grandma grew up in … Read More

Latest Article: Dear Jason

My latest article is up at the Veritas Network, a fantastic resource that I’m humbled to have written for: Dear Jason… March 26, 2012— I was walking by the bridge the other night. Actually, I got engaged there just a few months ago. My fiancée sat on the same bench and looked out over the dark river and the city … Read More

Latest Article: Living With Teenagers

My latest article is in Lifeway’s Living With Teenagers Magazine (the Using Purpose to Motivate Your Teens article): Living with Teenagers is a monthly magazine written by parents for parents and is devoted to helping them develop a growing relationship with their teens that guides them toward responsible Christian adulthood. Each issue focuses on answers to real-life questions from a … Read More

Latest Article: To Shoot An Elephant

My latest article on the Lies Young Women Believe Blog: “Let me not forget the heinousness of sin lies not so much in the nature of the sin committed, as in the greatness of the Person sinned against.” —Puritan prayer George Orwell wrote an incredible story of a man who was faced with a major moral dilemma—to kill an elephant … Read More