Die Out in Me

One thing of the Lord desire, for all my life hath miry been –
Be it by water or by fire, oh, make me clear, oh, make me clean!
So wash me now, without, within, or purge with fire, if that must be,
No matter how, if only sin die out in me, die out in me.


Challies’ Disagrees with Piper about Christianity’s “Masculine Feel”

Fascinating, and I think helpful, additions to the discussion from Tim Challies. Challies writes:

John Piper sparked quite a storm with his biographical message on the “frank and manly” J. C. Ryle. One of his conclusion was that Christianity is meant to have a masculine feel to it… I find that I do not agree. For those of you who are given to over-reaction, just breathe—I am allowed to disagree and I’m sure Piper is just fine with people disagreeing. If you don’t have a category for charitable disagreement on secondary matters, you need to develop one! I still love the man, but want to offer an alternative to his masculine Christianity.

Read the rest here. (HT: Denny Burk)

This also reminded me of the opposing view and conversation led my one of my favorite writers Douglas Wilson.

Fame Is A Right

“It’s as if being famous has become a right. One of the rights to being American is the right to become famous–at least for an hour, maybe a day. If you don’t have people asking who you are, you’re nobody.” – The Narcissism Epidemic

Runners Will Stop Running

Runners always seem to run. But I guess I had never stopped to think that they slow down, walk, and even, well, stop moving. I find it odd to think that the sweat and grind that trot by me each day will come to a glorious, and hopefully, victorious end. Maybe a cool drink. A hot shower. A dog racing to greet him as he opens his front door. Or the smell of fresh cooked food waiting for him as he enters the kitchen.

Yes, those runners, joggers, and the occasional awkward trot-and-waddle folks do stop. Their breath slows. Their hearts level. The sweat is washed away.

One day we too, us heavenly runners, will finally stop. Gloriously and triumphantly stop. It will all come to a final end.

We will walk through gates and find sweet rest and comfort in The only One who gives rest. He has bought us with his blood, reconciling us to himself so that our running may turn to resting in that final day when all is made new.

Stop Reading Your Bible

My latest from Boundless is up today. It’s called “Stop Reading Your Bible.”:

I have a dare.

Stop reading your Bible. Just close it, stand up and embrace the desert. Feel the heat and touch the dry ground. Step on the rocks and thorns known as confusion and chaos. Or put on your brown boots and slosh through muddy streams and thick marshes of the Land Without the Bible, which just so happens to be full of guilt and worldly entanglement. Yes, even explore the dark wooded areas where the lost begin their march.

You will find much in this journey.

But most of all, you will find out what time completely without the Word of God in your life looks like.

Do it. Just see it for yourself. I once did. And quite honestly, there are days I still do.

Read the rest here.