A Challenge to Young Leaders


A phenomenal word from Eric Geiger: Earlier this week I pointed out that there are fewer leaders who meet the typical “leadership profile” for positions such as senior pastor. From a practical and purely demographic vantage point, there are fewer people in Generation X than the preceding Boomer generation, so there are currently less available leaders in the often sought-after … Read More

Why You Should Become a Regular


Hey Tim, haven’t seen you in forever!” I had finally done it. I was a regular once again. It wasn’t an accident at all. I had stumbled across a number of articles online that encouraged the practice of becoming a regular when you move to a new town, and I loved the idea of getting to know my local baristas. There are … Read More

Books that Changed My Life


It remains amazing that the simple pages of our books instantly grant us access to a whole new world. It’s earth-shaking how the combination of paper, ink, and imagination come together to form something that’s simply difficult to describe. The experiences found in many books are so deep, it often does feel as if we’re transferred into different lands. But … Read More

What Does Life Even Mean: My Brief Thoughts on Boyhood


It’s funny, but after watching the movie Boyhood, I’ve found myself unable to shake how much it’s made me think. Obviously the undertaking is incredible and groundbreaking (filming the same cast over the course of 12 years). The movie was able to show at the same time the incredible “ordinary”-ness of life, and at the same time the incredible complexities that sin … Read More

Ordinary Christians


“The most effective work is done by ordinary Christians fulfilling God’s calling to reform within their local spheres of influence.” — Nancy Pearcey

How I’m Using Evernote In 2015


Since around 2008 or 2009 I’ve been using an incredible tool called Evernote. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that this tool has been a central part of my life since then. What’s particularly amazing about this is that the tool is absolutely free.  This past week I’ve been spending time working on my goals for 2015 — yes, … Read More

Catch Someone Doing Something Right


I was recently listening to a group of young leaders talk about their organization. I was almost brought to tears listening to them talk about some of their experiences and what they would change as they thought about becoming leaders. “I actually thought everyone hated me until I was approached about being promoted,” said one leader. “It was really crazy.” He … Read More

Manliness in Marriage: The How-to Guide


No one will mistake me for the classic manly man — I currently have no beard, I’ve never really hunted or killed anything (on purpose at least), and I’m only a fan in theory of camping. When I was a single guy, I knew that one day I’d need some “manly” skills — and not necessarily the gun-toting, camo-wearing kind. … Read More